Our Services


We are termination specialists first and foremost, advising and assisting companies in disciplinary management, the conduct of domestic inquiries, internal investigations and mediating workplace disputes.

We also offer expert advisory services on employment laws, and general HR matters including tactical HR, policy-making and implementation, designing and revising the general terms and conditions of employment (or employee handbook), drafting HR letters and documentation, recruitment and selection, and designing and delivering internal training modules.

In addition we advise businesses, especially start-ups and smaller companies, on day-to-day operational HR matters which can help save substantial costs compared to hiring a full HR team or an in-house specialist.

Clients have a choice of engaging HAN on site or via remote consulting. Remote consulting is a hassle-free, cost-saving consulting option deploying technology and social media that delivers results without compromising on quality, speed and precision.

HAN understands the concern of clients over the sensitivity of data exchanged in the consulting process, and will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with clients upon appointment.


We understand that not every client is the same and therefore our central tenet of providing training services is to understand the client thoroughly and design our training modules specifically to meet the client’s needs and requirements.

We use andragogical methods for adult professional learning and customise our modules and methodology to meet your needs.

We adopt a highly-interactive methodology with minimal “lecture-based” mode of delivery for maximum participant engagement and enjoyment.

Our trainers are mature, experienced and qualified, hence they will understand your needs and know what to do in order to meet them.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We offer flexible consulting services whereby we can cater to your company’s needs on-site or remotely.
  2. We are also able to customise a consulting package to incorporate in-house or coaching to your management and staff at a fraction of the cost of engaging a separate trainer or sending your people to a public training programme.
  3. Because we have strategic partnerships with other management consulting firms who offer specialisations outside our own, such as technical and financial expertise, we are able to offer complete advisory services for your business. As with our other services,our “synergised” services come at an affordable cost.
  4. We understand clients’ concern on returns of training investment.We offer free post-training consultancy services for clients for 3 months after the training programme is successfully completed. Clients may seek advice from the consultant at no charge via email, telephone and text messaging.
  5. Our course handouts and notes are also practical and created as handy references for participants in their course of work.
  6. We offer post-training advisory services for our public programme participants too. They may seek work-related advice from us at no charge via email for 3 months after attending any of our public programmes.

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