English Programmes for Professionals


Our workshops are an introduction to a practical application of basic language usage skills with emphasis on fundamentals of business writing and oral communication in business context.

They are suitable for busy professionals who do not have much time but need to improve their English or acquire specific skills in using the language for a particular occasion.

The standard duration of each workshop is 3 days, however, clients may opt to add on extra modules which may require additional training days.

Key advantages of all workshops:-

  • Saves time and zooms on specific topics for target groups
  • Dual-limb modules: to build confidence as well as speak, present and write effectively
  • Highly-interactive and practical workshops (not “lecture-based”) for maximum participant engagement
  • Modules can be customised to meet clients’ requirements and participants’ learning needs.

Fast-Track Programmes on Offer:-

a)     Express to Impress!

Suitable For: Corporate Executives/Managers and Government officers who have to interact with advanced or native English speakers in a business context.

The following communication strategies will be to give participants greater confidence in taking part in discussions, meetings and negotiations:-

  • agreeing and disagreeing
  • clarifying and confirming
  • asking for comments
  • summarising
  • asking appropriate questions
  • challenging/defending an opinion
  • persuading and compromising
  • making proposals, offers, suggestions
  • opening/closing

b)     Kuasai Bahasa Inggeris Dengan Penuh Keyakinan! 

Sesuai untuk: Warga kerja bukan eksekutif (perkeranian, pembantu tadbir dan penyelia).

Tujuan kursus ini adalah mencerap kemahiran asas bahasa Inggeris meliputi perbualan seharian (teknik mendengar dan memahami), meningkatkan keupayaan membaca dengan menggunakan tatabahasa dan nahu yang betul dan meningkatkan keyakinan peserta untuk berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

Modul-modul akan merangkumi perbincangan topik-topik berikut:

Kemahiran Membaca:

  • Ayat-ayat mudah yang digunakan dalam tugasan seharian
  • Ayat-ayat mudah di papan tanda umum
  • Isi kandungan risalah, poster atau kalendar yang memaparkan acara-acara atau peristiwa penting.

Kemahiran Mendengar

  • Percakapan jelas dengan pengulangan menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris yang betul
  • Soalan-soalan asas dan arahan ringkas dari perbualan seharian
  • Penggunaan prosa kata bagi nombor, masa, dan harga

Kemahiran Bertutur Asas

  • Kata sapaan asas
  • Memperkenalkan diri dan orang ketiga
  • Dialog asas seperti bertanya dan menjawab dalam konteks tugasan seharian
  • Kosa kata asas untuk tempat, pekerjaan, makanan, jenis tugas, acara, cuaca dan lain-lain.

c)      Powerful Presentation and Confident Communication

Suitable For: Corporate Executives/Managers and Government officers who need the confidence and practical ability to break out of their current level of English and speak with ease, comfort and spontaneity.

Modules in this course shall cover the following areas:-

  • Impactful presentation skills
    1. Learning and practising proven techniques to overcome nerves
    2. Learning how to use body language and voice to project a confident image
    3. Developing an understanding of a clear objective for a successful presentation
    4. Learning how to structure presentations to meet specific objectives
    5. Developing skills and knowledge to create impact and gain and hold the audience’s interest
    6. Developing skills to encourage, control and direct discussion
  • Writing emails and letters
  • Writing minutes of meetings
  • English for social media
  • Listening to rapid speech
  • English for Business Lunches (and Dinners!) – a networking module

d)     Business Writing with Flair!

Suitable For: Executives, Junior Managers and Young Professionals

The objective of this programme is to help participants gain the skills necessary to write clearly, persuasively and powerfully with the flair of a professional. Modules include:-

  • Grammar and sentence structure for business correspondence
  • Punctuation
  • Business vocabulary and spelling
  • Types and styles of business correspondence:-
    1. Letters
    2. Emails
    3. Memos
    4. Reports
    5. Proposals

e)      English for Customer Service

Suitable For: Frontline staff (private and Government sectors)

This programme integrates job readiness skills with English language skills (written and spoken) for a variety of situations in a customer service environment, including:-

  • Customer service vocabulary
  • Telephone etiquette
  • English for handling problems and complaints
  • Negotiation skills
  • Note-taking

f) Fully-customised programmes

We can tailor-make English modules to meet the specific needs of your organisation/department. Please contact us for for further information and discussion.


All of our fast-track modules can be expanded into 3-6 month programmes to suit the pace of the client or client’s employees. Customised modules can be incorporated to meet client’s requirement.

For the 3-6 month programmes, participants will be required to sit for progress tests or presentations to evaluate their performance prior to completion of the programme.



For further details on any of our programmes please email us at tmab.nasaraconsult@gmail.com or tweet us @nasaraconsult. 


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